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Cam Walker was born in Melbourne, Australia and moved to the UK with his mother, June, when he was very young. Cam completed all his schooling in the UK before securing a job at Manchester Airport as a baggage handler, where it could be said his interest in aviation developed. Upon reaching his late teens, Cam returned to Australia to live with his father, Graeme, in Melbourne.

His working life in Australia began as a bartender at the Rosebud Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula, before signing on to serve his country as an Avionics Technician in the Royal Australian Air Force. Cam served for seven years, before leaving in 2011 to pursue other ventures. He is now applying his trade with a large American company at Brisbane Airport.

Cam currently lives in Brisbane, with his daughters, Georgia and Olivia, his partner, Sarah, and her two boys, Ryan and Luke. He has a dog called Roxy, a 45-kilogram Rhodesian Ridgeback x Bull Arab, and Rosie the Eclectus parrot.

Cam passionately follows Formula One, Manchester United, and MotoGP, but his biggest passion is writing. His breakout novel, Contrail: Conspiracy, was first published in 2020, and since then he has added two more titles to the series, Contrail: Terminal and Contrail: Genesis, with the fourth and final novel of the Contrail series - Contrail: Legacy arriving in 2023.

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