CONTRAIL: Conspiracy

Nothing is always as it seems, and nothing will be the same again.

Solomon Barrett is an aircraft engineer working in Los Angeles when he is captured by the extremist alliance, White Cloud. The alliance threatens to callously execute his wife, Kate, if he refuses to utilise his years of aircraft expertise to assist them with their plan.


To keep her safe, Sol must become a part of an objective that will send shockwaves around the globe. However, while Sol is doing everything he can to escape and reunite with Kate, it appears she is more than capable of taking care of herself, and with help from a vigilante group, embarks upon her own mission to rescue Sol.


CONTRAIL: Terminal

A woman scorned. A global threat. A brave man lost.

Kate Barrett is grieving the loss of her husband, Sol, when she is unexpectedly forced to protect her children from the menacing extremist group, White Cloud. Kate believed she had defeated the group two years earlier in Peru but quickly discovers they are back. White Cloud has re-formed, expanded its army, and appointed a new and diverse leadership team who are determined to put their heinous plan into action.

Kate is dragged into another nightmare against her will and forced to lead the global assault against the all-powerful White Cloud. Difficult decisions will need to be made, and the future of humanity will rely on Kate making the right ones.


Deception brings them together. A friendship is tested. A war begins.

Sam Rosenberg and Jimmy Garcia meet on a coveted CIA pilot course where they quickly form a close bond and become inseparable. After graduating, they are posted to an SR-71 Blackbird Squadron, where their future takes an immediate and unexpected turn. Sa16m soon discovers that Jimmy is not the person he thought he was and is coerced into a plan laden with terror and deceit.

Jimmy’s traitorous scheme leads Sam into the middle of a desert, where a menacing device capable of killing millions of people is hidden beneath the surface of the earth. With no way out of his predicament, Sam does something unexpected.