Sol Barrett, a dedicated aircraft engineer, is living the dream with his wife Kate when he suddenly finds himself being blackmailed by an extremist group. His life changes forever when the group thrusts him into a life of secrecy and lies. He quickly learns he is the key to instilling fear around the world.

The extremist group propels Kate into the same conspiracy that threatens Sol’s life when the resistance rescues her. Her only chance of saving Sol is to join the resistance but doing so puts her own life on the line. What begins as revenge, becomes a mission. A mission to save Sol. Can Kate get to Sol in time? Does Sol want to be saved?


“A fantastic thriller from a first-time published author! Contrail has twists, turns, humour and character investment that’ll have you turning the pages faster than a bank bill counter.”


Rob, avid aviation reader.

WOW. What a book! It had me physically sitting at the edge of my seat, invested on what was coming next. I cried, laughed and jumped. If you are looking for a book to satisfy those conspiracy theories and much more then this is the book! Great job Cam!

Leyu, Advance Reader.

In Winter 2021, the highly anticipated, second part of the exhilarating Contrail series - Contrail: Terminal is set to land in bookstores.

Standby for the action-packed, pumped up, highly charged sequel to Contrail: Conspiracy, it is sure to blow you away. Fans of Michael Crichton, Matthew Reilly and Dan Patterson will not be able to get enough of this story.

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