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Deception tests their friendship, but war will define their destiny.



Sam Rosenberg and Jimmy Garcia are two highly skilled individuals who form an unbreakable bond during their CIA pilot training. Their future looks bright as they are both posted to an elite SR-71 Blackbird Squadron. However, what Sam doesn't know is that his closest friend has a hidden agenda.

Jimmy's true colours are revealed when he coerces Sam into participating in a diabolical plan involving a weapon of mass destruction hidden deep in the desert. As Jimmy’s plan unfolds, Sam finds himself in a precarious position that his life, as well as millions of others are at stake.

The fate of the world rests in Sam's hands as he battles his own inner demons and uncovers the truth behind Jimmy's betrayal. Will he be able to stop his friend's evil plot or will he succumb to his own inner turmoil?


CONTRAIL: Conspiracy

Trust is a fragile illusion…


Kidnapped by a dangerous extremist alliance, Kate Barrett soon realizes that she is nothing more than a pawn in their twisted game. Her husband, Sol, is the true target, and the alliance will stop at nothing to use his skills for their sinister purposes.


Kate must race against time to find Sol and stop the alliance from carrying out a plan so diabolical that it threatens to change the world forever. But she is not alone in her mission, a rogue group of vigilantes come to her rescue, and together they embark on a desperate quest to save Sol and prevent the alliance from unleashing their deadly intent.


Failure is not an option, for if Kate fails, the world will never be the same again, and Sol will be lost forever.


CONTRAIL: Terminal
(Second Edition Coming Soon)


Some battles are worth fighting more than once to win…


As the newly appointed leader of Viribus, a formidable vigilante group, Kate Barrett is thrust into action as the nefarious White Cloud alliance threatens the very existence of humanity.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Kate rallies her loyal followers from all over the globe and sets out to hunt down the mysterious leader of White Cloud. Despite overwhelming odds, Kate remains determined to take down the new and improved White Cloud, for the sake of humanity's future.

But as she delves deeper into the dark heart of the enemy, Kate soon realizes that the threat she faces is greater than anything she could have imagined…

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