Deception brings them together. A friendship is tested. A war begins.

Sam Rosenberg and Jimmy Garcia meet on a coveted CIA pilot course where they quickly form a close bond and become inseparable. After graduating, they are posted to an SR-71 Blackbird Squadron, where their future takes an immediate and unexpected turn. Sam soon discovers that Jimmy is not the person he thought he was and is coerced into a plan laden with terror and deceit.

Jimmy’s traitorous scheme leads Sam into the middle of a desert, where a menacing device capable of killing millions of people is hidden beneath the surface of the earth. With no way out of his predicament, Sam does something unexpected.

Will Sam be able to stop Jimmy, or does he have his own agenda?

Contrail: Genesis is a fast-paced novella that accompanies the Contrail series, with all the twists and turns you would expect from the hand of Cam Walker.

Contrail: Genesis