A woman scorned. A global threat. A brave man lost.


Kate Barrett is grieving the loss of her husband, Sol, when she is unexpectedly forced to protect her children from the menacing extremist group, White Cloud. Kate believed she had defeated the group two years earlier in Peru but quickly discovers they are back. White Cloud has re-formed, expanded its army, and appointed a new and diverse leadership team who are determined to put their heinous plan into action.


Kate is dragged into another nightmare against her will and forced to lead the global assault against the all-powerful White Cloud. Difficult decisions will need to be made, and the future of humanity will rely on Kate making the right ones.


Will Kate be able to defeat White Cloud and end the insanity?


Contrail: Terminal is the second novel in the Contrail series of action/adventure thrillers by Cam Walker. If you like engaging adventure stories with page-turning fast action, then you will love this gripping adventure with twists and turns you will never see coming.

Contrail: Terminal