A perfect world shattered. An impending attack. The story begins...


Sol Barrett, a dedicated aircraft electrician, is working in Los Angeles when he is captured and blackmailed by the extremist group White Cloud. Should he refuse to carry out their demands, they threaten to kill his beloved wife, Kate, in unimaginable ways.


To keep Kate safe, Sol must do what they demand and assist them in carrying out a plan so heinous it will send shockwaves around the world. Although Sol does not realise that while he is doing everything he can to protect Kate, it appears she is more than capable of looking after herself and has a few secrets of her own.


Kate joins Viribus, a resistance squad tasked with monitoring White Cloud and bringing them to justice. However, Sol is unaware of what Kate has planned, and she does not know what has happened to Sol.


Will Kate ever see Sol again, or will White Cloud carry out its monstrous plan?

Contrail: Terminal eBook